5 Must Use Organic Gardening Tips For A Healthy Environment!

Organic gardening is an environment friendly approach of growing plants organically- without the use of herbicides or pesticides or fertilizers. As we all know that the fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides used for growing crops ultimately harm us and our loved ones, it has become very important to walk the organic route rather than the fertilizer route. Organic gardening is very helpful for our good health as well as that of the environment. The more we learn about the side effects of the fertilizers, more inclined would be us towards the organic gardening.

Here, we have compiled a list of five must use organic gardening tips for a healthy body and environment.

1. Make the best use of companion planting

You may go for companion planting which means planting two types of plants or crops together out of which one plant/crop should be nutrient providing. Sometimes one of the plants replenishes nutrients released by another plant. Also, a few combinations of plants work towards keeping the pests away so, the plants would remain safe without using any pesticide.

2. Water plants in the morning

If the weather is highly humid, then you must water the plants in the morning in order to save plants from fungal and other diseases.

3. Use organic compost

The most important organic gardening tip is using organic compost for the purpose of growing plants/crops. If the compost is left after using and if you are not going to use it for a few days then cover t properly so that the nutrients do not get leached off the compost.

4. Protect your plants from dust and frost

It is very important to take care of your plants in the natural way. If you are growing cabbage, then you need to ensure that the leaves are free off dust without using any pesticide or insecticide. You can spread mulch for keeping the dust away. Similarly, frost is not that good for some of the plants. So, every day you can cover them with plastic bottles.

5. Do not kill all the insects

Not all the insects are harmful for the growth of plants. A study shows that even less than 2 percent of the insects in the world are harmful. So what about other 98 percent? Are they not harmful? No, they aren’t. Insects, bug bees, honey bees etc. can be really helpful if used smartly.

We hope that these organic gardening tips helped you in understanding organic gardening in a better way!