Are Raccoons Wrecking Your Property?

These Medium-sized and curious mammals thrive mostly around human settlements. Driven by a vicious appetite for food, shelter, and water, the raccoons are commonly characterized by destroying garbage cans and wooden constructions.

Although raccoons eat smaller rodents and pests, experts warn welcoming these innocent creatures in our homes. Why is it so?

In this article, we will explain to you how raccoons can damage your property, so if you need help with raccoon invasion please call this raccoon removal Toronto services.

1. Indoor spaces.

The perfect getaway locations most raccoons find comfort, is in hideouts inside your house. Described by a quiet and tranquil environment, the attic is a common location for these procyonid creatures.

The levels of damage caused by these animals can be immense if not dealt with quick.

i. Insulation damage.

Due to their curious nature, a raccoon will eat through your air conditioning cables, scratch your insulated walls, and puncture holes through the ceiling board just to make it comfortable for their visit.

ii. Urine and Feces.

All living creatures excrete. This does not differ from the urine and feces found in the attic and ceiling left behind by these creatures. Coming into contact with raccoon excrement can cause infections and worse still, death.

Also, the pungent smell coming from their urine will soon cause your home to assume a stuffy and an uncomfortable ambiance.

iii. Other minor damages.

If the raccoons notice that your house is left unattended for weeks, they will make themselves comfortable and do a hell lot of damage. These curious creatures will scratch your couch, damage utensils laid on top of tables, scrape your carpet, and transform your antique sofa into their nest.

2. Outdoor.

Before finding their way inside the house, the raccoons can also cause immense damage to your outdoor space.

The three classes of damage include:

i. Garden.

As they are constantly in search of food, the raccoons will admire your well-manicured vegetable garden once in a while. Raccoons have a ferocious appetite for different desserts. Frogs, fish, insects, and dead animals, these creatures will find their way to your garden, if the wild offers unwelcoming conditions.

ii. Swimming pool.

Forget to close the swimming pool covers and you will face what we call a horror visit from the raccoons. With their resourceful and crafty nature, the raccoons will be in your pool enjoying the cool temperatures and quiet night-time-visits.

However, these visits are not friendly calls. The raccoons will urinate and turn your swimming pool into their litter box, constantly pooping all over the sides of your swimming pool and in the pool.

iii. Tip over garbage cans and litter boxes.

At night, you are most likely about to hear movements outside. The movements will continue for a short while, then subside. In the morning, an untidy lawn will meet you. These activities will have been caused by raccoons if not their close relatives’ Possums. Salvaging empty soda cans and leftovers satisfying their appetites.

Sets of traps and poison tend not to effectively work in eliminating these creatures. To stop all the unwanted wildlife activities in your home, you need to clear bushes and trim wild trees. Also, keep your trash cans clean, to effectively give the raccoons an unwelcoming signal.