Cost Effective Solutions for Pigeon Removal

No matter how cute and noble they look, there is no doubt that pigeons could be a real nuisance. Imagine all the monuments, public benches, windows and roofs. Pigeon droppings do not only look ugly on surfaces, it can cause great damage to surfaces because of the uric acid in them. Also, the droppings could contain harmful fungi and bacteria that would be dangerous for humans. So, how do you prevent damage to areas that you use in your daily lives?

Well, most people go around pest control shops and look for an appropriate pigeon deterrent. There are also lots of products that could be installed to get rid of pigeons. With the advance of the internet and home shopping there are lots of commercial products to choose from. Some people contact a pest control company and ask for pigeon control. However there are all solutions that cost money and time.

Why fall into confusion to choose a commercial product or give away money for service when you can solve this problem on your own? You could attain results that are just as effective as commercial ones. Before commencing on creating a solution for your problem, you should try to understand why this problem occurs in the first place. There are two main behaviors of pigeons that cause this problem. First is daytime perching where pigeon use properties to find a food source. The second is overnight roosting where they use buildings for purposes of roosting or breeding. In order to understand which one of these two problems you have, you need to observe the movements of the birds for a few days. If they only appear during the day and you do not see them after dark, it points to daytime perching.

If you have decided that your problem is daytime perching, there are a couple of precautions you can take. First of all, try cleaning you gutter more often, as they can be blocked by materials that can constitute a food resource for the birds. Second, try to make sure that there is not anybody who feeds the pigeons. If you live near restaurants whose waste attract pigeons, you can always contact the city council to find a solution.

If your problem stems from overnight nesting, first thing you need to do is to determine where the pigeons are roosting. When you find these places you must use deterrents. However keep in mind that if you find a nest, you should not block the entrance of the nest. This would cause the birds to die and create a bigger problem. If none of these work for you then try to seek professional help.