Successful and Effective Tips on Pigeon Control in Garden Permanently

Many of the birds will leave plants alone to eat insects. This mostly happens during that period, when they are breeding as that is the time when they require to take a lot of proteins. However, it is not always that you find birds eating insects as there are times when they demolish berries, dig holes in your garden, scatter your garden matter and worst of all rip your plant leaves into threads. For birds like pigeons, you can make a mistake of feeding one or two and all over sudden hundreds of them fill the sky coming to your place to make it their new home. Apart from ruining your garden, they do more harm by ruining your porches, roofs and railings. If you made this mistake in the past and you are seeking to remedy it, there are effective tips on pigeon control in garden that you can use and a permanent solution. These tips are discussed below in details.

Use shiny objects

Use strings to tie old CDs around garden patches, especially where you have seedlings planted. Pigeons are known to scatter seeds far and wide, but by so doing, the reflective movement of the shiny objects will keep them at bay. Other shiny objects that you can use to keep these stubborn birds at bay include, bottle tops, foil, tins, old shiny utensils, decorations and festive papers.

Snake Toy

This must not be a real snake as it will threaten your life as well as that of the pigeon. The only thing you want to scare off from your garden is the pigeons. Therefore, consider a toy snake and strategically place it in a place where it can be seen by the stubborn pigeons. Or, you can consider the sand filled snakes and they will act excellently in scaring off the pests. Just ensure that the snake is visible and this will work excellently in scaring them away.

Hunters and predatory birds

Small birds like pigeons are effectively kept off by large birds like owls and hawks. Bullies are loved by no one including birds and pigeons are no exemptions. In addition, you can pick a fearsome picture that belongs to you or someone with a more scary face and place it on the fence, attach to a pole or twine it across the garden. The pigeon birds will have no guts to risk their dear lives when their eyes catch the image.