Why It Is Wrong To Trap Raccoons

Why It Is Wrong To Trap Raccoons

For a very long time now a lot of people have been complaining about the raccoons that visit their houses every day in search of food from the trash. As a matter of fact hundreds probably thousands of raccoons are now calling our cities home. People have been trying a more permanent solution to the problem like trapping the raccoons. However it is not right to trap the raccoons since they are not there to hurt you, they are just looking for some leftover food.

If raccoons often come to your house and you always think of trapping them, this article will tell you why trapping the raccoons is not the best solution to the problem. Here are some of the reasons why you should not trap raccoons;

They Have A Unique House Range.

The first reason why you should not trap raccoons is that they feel at home in our houses. A big percentage of people think raccoons can survive just anywhere, the truth is they cannot. This is because the animals have unique ranges where they are adapted to living when it comes to houses. Normally the home range of these type of animals is approximately 3 blocks and within this range the raccoons will find a way to get food, shelter and water. It is also important to note that when you trap a raccoon and move it to a different and unfamiliar home, you will only be stressing the animal. More so raccoons that a relocated almost never stay alive for more than one or two months.

Raccoon’s Family Will Be Affected.

The other reason why trapping raccoons is wrong is that when you trap the mother raccoon you will have not only put its life in danger but also the raccoon’s babies. The mother raccoons that provide food for their young ones, if you trap their mother the baby raccoons will be left with no food and will eventually die. Several wildlife centers have received an alarming number of calls every year about small raccoons who have no mother to look after them because you trapped and probably relocated the mother raccoon.

They’ll Still Come Back.

The other reason why you should not trap raccoons is that even if you trap and relocate one today it will not be long before another raccoon comes back to your property. More so you will have spent a lot of your own money to pay the animal removal company to relocate the previous raccoon but it will not be long before the next one comes.

As we have seen in the article, trapping a raccoon is not the best way to handle the situation, since even if you trap one today another one will appear tomorrow. Trapping the raccoon can even worsen the situation, this is because the animals have bigger litters in places where trapping has been going on during the previous years simply because there is a lot of food as well as shelter. To get rid of the raccoons you can start by cleaning your compound and making sure that you have placed the trash can in a place where the raccoons cannot get easily.